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SPARC /Talent Search is designed to help students explore career and educational options:

  1. Identify qualified youth with potential for education at the post secondary level and encourage them to complete secondary school and pursue post secondary education.

  2. Publicize the availability of financial aid for people who pursue post secondary education.

  3. Encourage people who have dropped out of secondary and post secondary education but have the ability to complete their programs to reenter such programs.

Project SPARC/Talent Search can help you learn about yourself and the world of careers. Through participation in SPARC/Talent Search workshops you will investigate areas such as:

  • Career Interests
  • Work-related values
  • Decision Making
  • Careers of the Future
  • Training/Education Options
  • Financial Aid
  • Memory Improvement
  • Test-taking skills
  • Stress Reduction
  • Project SPARC/Talent Search also sponsors college and career related trips.