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Q: What are industry credentials?


Industry credentials, also known as industry certifications are a tool used by certain industries to measure the aptitude and skills of a potential employee. Several programs at West Side Career and Technology Center offer students the opportunity to earn these certifications while still in high school. These certifications are highly valuable and make students stand out in the job market, as well as potentially allowing them the opportunity to start at higher wages. In addition; obtaining certificates while at West Side CTC can save students thousands of dollars that they would otherwise incur after high school. These certifications can also be applied towards post-secondary educational credits.

Q:Can you attend college after graduating from West Side CTC?


Many graduates of West Side CTC have gone on to continue their education at post-secondary colleges, universities and technical schools after high school. In addition, West Side CTC offers many opportunities through options such as tech-prep and industry certifications, for our students to earn advanced placement and college credits while still in high school.

Q:Can I attend West Side CTC part-time and participate in sports at my home school?


West Side CTC's new part time option is available to students who will be entering grades 10 thru 12. This option allows students to reap the benefits of the technical training programs at West Side CTC, while still attending their home school for academic classes. Because students are only attending West Side CTC on a part time basis, they retain eligibility to participate in sports at their home school.

Q:Is it true that only kids who are good with their hands go to West Side CTC?


While it is true that West Side CTC offers skilled training programs such as plumbing, building construction, and machine tool technology, our school has many other options available to students. West Side CTC offers programs in some of the highest demand industries in today's work force. Many of these are highly technical areas such as our Management Information Systems, Computer Maintenance, and Computer Networking and Security. In addition, we offer several programs that could give students a jump start to their post secondary education, such as Health Related technologies, Audio Visual Communications, and Marketing. Please visit the "programs" section of our web site to get more information on these programs as well as many others that are offered at West Side CTC.