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HIS 101 Western Civilization I - 3 Credits

This course is survey of the main stages of the history of western civilization up to the beginning of the 17th century. It emphasizes the concepts, forces, ideas, events, and people that shaped the complex dimensions of the contemporary world. After a brief consideration of the earliest civilization phase, the course explores the classical period, from about 1000 B.C. to 500 A.D., the spread of civilization period, 500 to 1400 A.D., and the spread of the Renaissance and Reformation.

HIS 202 American History since 1865 - 3 Credits

The development of the United States from the Reconstruction Era to the present; emphasis is given to late nineteenth and twentieth century industrialization, the expansion of government, the emergence of the industrial-urban society and Americas status as a world power.


Introduction to Physical Science - 3 Credits

Course Description: An introduction to basic principles in physics and chemistry. Some of the topics covered are Newton's laws of motion, energy, and thermal properties of matter, electricity, and nuclear reactions. Intended for students in non-technical- cal fields.

    Course Goals:
  • 1. Understand motion.
  • 2. Understand Newton's laws of motion.
  • 3. Understand energy.
  • 4. Understand thermal properties of matter.
  • 5. Understand electricity.
  • 6. Understand nuclear reactions.
  • 7. (optional) Understand fluid mechanics.
  • 8. (optional) Understand magnetism.
  • 9. (optional) Understand sound.