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Joint Operating Committee - 2024


Mr. Michael DiMare
Mrs. Kelley Kavanagh-Watkins
Mr. Larry Schuler

Lake Lehman

Mr. Alfred DeAngelis, 2nd Vice President
Mr. David Paulauskas
Mr. Robert Wojtowicz

Northwest Area

Mr. Clement Benson
Mr. Peter Lanza, President
Mr. Jeff Pierontoni

Wyoming Area

Mr. Phillip Campenni, 1st Vice President
Mrs. Rebecca Rutkoski
Mrs. Mara Valenti

Wyoming Valley West

Mrs. Janet Cussatt
Mr. Rick Kamus
Mr. Nicholas Wilson

Superintendent of Record

Dr. Thomas Duffy, Superintendent, Dallas School District

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Miss Elaine Pallone

Board Solicitor

Attorney Charles Coslett

West Side CTC - Joint Operating Committee Members 2022

Joint Operating Committee Picture

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Seated (left to right)- Mr. Jeff Pierontoni, Northwest SD; Mr. Peter Lanza, Northwest SD; Mr. Larry Schuler, President, Dallas SD; Mr. Thomas Pieczynski, Sr., 1 st Vice-President, W.V.W. SD; Dr. Thomas Duffy, Chief School Administrator; Mr. David Tosh, Superintendent of Record; Mr. Philip Campenni, Wyoming Area SD

Standing (left to right)- Mrs. Kelley Kavanagh-Watkins, Dallas SD; Mrs. Janet Cussatt, W.V.W. SD; Mr. Rick Kamus, W.V.W. SD; Mr. Bo Benson, Northwest SD; Mr. Grant Palfey, Business Manager; Mr. Drew Salko, Lake-Lehman SD; Mr. Gerald Stofko, Wyoming Area SD; Mr. Patrick Musto, Dallas SD

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2024 Agendas

2024 Minutes

Jan 22, 2024 Jan 22, 2024

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Meeting Calendar

JOC Calendar 2024

The Joint Operating committtee meets the fourth Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria, unless that date is affected by holidays. Please check the calendar or contact the Board Secretary for a list of dates.